The Australian Parliament, Canberra


As the resident political geek my trip to Australia wouldn't have been complete without a visit to their Parliament in Canberra.

A Friday afternoon is a great time to visit both the House of Representatives and Senate- no-body was around so we had the place to ourselves! Both chambers were larger than I expected, and you can certainly imagine how fast paced and loud the atmosphere is when both houses are session.

I was impressed by the 1980s decor, and the striking boomerang shaped design of the building itself. One of the highlights was going on top of the roof and looking out across Canberra's vast landscape.

So what are the must-sees of Parliament House? I did a self guided tour which enabled me to spend as much time as I wanted in the various parts of the building. I really loved sitting in the House of Representatives, seeing the tapestry in the Great Hall and the massive Australian flag which adorns the roof of the building. It's about half the size of a tennis court! Also take time to view pieces from the Parliament House Art Collection which has portraits of every prime minister, governor general and other significant Australian art works.

The gift shop is also well worth a visit!

The House of Representatives

The Senate

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