IKEA to rescue photo frames


I'm a keen photographer, and if you're anything like me, printing out my photos is very much part of the process! It's fun to see the finished result in print, as is choosing a frame in which to display them.

Research from IKEA has demonstrated that photo frames may be on the way out. Over two thirds of the UK (68%) admit that they don’t keep a physical photo album any more but 61% fear that they could lose years of memories if technology failed them. 380 billion photos are taken per year and 300 million per day are uploaded to Facebook. Yet 66% haven’t printed a photo in the last year. However more almost half of Brits (49%) said that photographs would be the first object they would save if their house was on fire.

IKEA is hoping to change this trend and has launched a search for the greatest UK images in a campaign to celebrate the nation's memories. The public are being encouraged to share their favourite memories with a winning 100 images to be displayed in the chain's UK stores.

To take part in the campaign, upload your photographs here. The winning shots will be chosen by Britain’s most followed Instagrammer Mike Kus and IKEA co-workers. You can also enter by tagging photographs on Instagram and Twitter with #WonderfulEveryday and @IkeaUK.  
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