Collective Magazine


Part of my ritual when travelling is to check out the magazine stand at airports and independent stores. There's something exciting about discovering a a new title or genre that you can't get back home!

Collective Magazine immediately caught my eye, and with the legendary Iris Apfel on the cover, who wouldn't want to pick up an issue? A magazine packed full of entrepreneurial and lifestyle inspiration, Collective has features that you will actually want to read, and is packed full of tips and tricks that you can implement in both your personal and professional lives. The photography is inspirational and dotted throughout each issue are Artist Takeover pages containing great quotes and art prints that you can cut out. Several will be used in my new home office!

Lisa Messenger, Founder and Editor in Chief of Collective has really created a unique hub concept with the magazine's physical and digital platforms. Each issue makes you crave for the next, and with a great online presence, you'll be kept entertained and fulfilled until the next issue is published. If like me, you live outside Australia, you can pick up a subscription. I'll be doing mine today! 
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