A flying visit to New Zealand


During my time in the Southern Hemisphere, I made a quick five day trip to Christchurch, New Zealand. I was last in CHC in 2010, a few months before the first earthquake that really turned everything upside down.

It was both interesting and sad to revisit Christchurch. Much of what I remember has physically gone- the towering Cathedral, historical buildings and the convention centre all reduced to piles of rubble and ruin. The Millennium Hotel, my base for the 2010 trip was boarded up, with stacks of chairs and tables visible at the windows. Many of the shops and restaurants have since been demolished, and whilst rebuilding has started, Christchurch still has a long journey ahead.

I also took a trip up the gondola, something which I missed out on last time! The views were outstanding on a fantastically sunny day!

Check out some of my other Christchurch pictures here.
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