A trip to the BG Restaurant


Searching for a chic place to catch up with friends and enjoy some delicious cuisine? Take a trip the BG restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman.

When I was in Manhattan last month, I headed to the Seventh Floor of this American institution for fun and fine food on a Friday night. Designed by renowned interior designer Kelly Wearstler, the four  room space has glorious views over Central Park, and is the perfect place to spy on what's happening at the Plaza!

To eat, I had the amazing Oven Roasted Scottish Salmon and the deliciously naughty BG- a flourless hazelnut cake with white and dark chocolate mousse, raspberries and a caramel drizzle. Well worth flying over 3000 miles for!

There were plenty of people still enjoying afternoon tea when we arrived, and the restaurant took on a cozy feel as the crowds left. In fact, we were the last to leave (and I know that we didn't want to really!)

The service was exceptional, the staff friendly and I couldn't have asked for a more memorable and special evening with dear friends.

For further details on BG click here. Reservations are recommended. 

Tips for short haul trip packing


I regularly travel on long haul journeys so this week's short haul trip to Edinburgh feels like luxury!

Having just returned from a long journey, packing a suitcase is the last thing that I want to do. For long haul journeys I've got the suitcase and the routine down to a fine art, so packing for less than five days is feeling like a bit of a challenge! I'm not a girl who travels lightly, so the thought of taking the bare minimum is causing quite a panic.

Here's what my short trip haul is looking like so far:


My large L.L. Bean tote (complete with monogram!) is a serious contender for all my essentials. It's strong, durable and incredibly roomy.


I usually travel with five pairs of shoes.... so this trip I am aiming for three. My New Balance x Bergdorf Goodman sneakers will be on my feet when I travel and for exploring the city. They are the most comfortable sneakers EVER! I'll pack my pair of Chanel ballet flats for the daytime events when I need to be a bit dressy, and my J.Crew leopard wedges for nighttime fun!


Here's where the dilemma begins... what's the weather going to be like? I've been advised to take a coat with me, so I'll be taking my trusty Barbour jacket which has literally travelled the world with me.

A pair of black jeans and x2 black pants will be perfect to mix and match for travelling and for each day, and I'll throw in a super light asymmetrical linen black jacket for hopping between lunches, meetings and sightseeing.

My stash of trusty striped Breton tees in every color scheme imaginable will also be making an appearance, as will some cute lace tops in black and white for the evenings. Simple is best!

I'll also throw in a few favourite pieces of knitwear that I can mix and match, and two neutral scarves depending on what top I'll be wearing.


I'll take my most personal of jewels as well as this fun necklace from Knotty Gal for nighttime fun! I'll also be using my Chanel bag in the evenings and for when I don't need to carry my large Longchamp tote.


This is one area that I excel at. I've amassed quite a collection of travel sized toiletries for my various trips, and my washbag has to be one of the most organised I've ever seen! I have travel sized versions of my favourite make-up items, and just pack my regular brushes to make sure something stays the same!

Other Essentials

Work won't stop for me- I'll be taking my MacBook, various chargers as well as my Nikon for those essential sightseeing snaps.

How do you pack for a short-haul trip? Does the dreaded baggage allowance stress you out? Share your tips with me in the comments! 

The Art of the Written Letter


A glossy envelope. Scrolled handwriting. A sparkling sticker. Nothing can rival the excitement when a handwritten letter arrives.

Writing and receiving handwritten notes are something of a passion. I keep all cards and letters that I receive, and I'll often sort through the box and revisit special notes or messages when looking back or seeking inspiration!

I'd like to think of myself as a letter writer on par with Jackie Kennedy. She famously declared that she would pen a thank you note as soon as she had received a gift, met with a friend or returned home from a party. It is individuals like Kennedy that keep the mystique of a handwritten letter alive, and I get as much joy from writing a note as I do receiving one.

So what do you need for a properly written letter?

Proper equipment

Start with the basics. Paper or notecards? Ink or biro? Lined envelopes or something plainer? Choose your essentials wisely.

Signature style

Choose something personal for your stash. Perhaps you'll go for a monogrammed set of cards with matching envelopes, or send out headed paper engraved with your address? You could go one step further and have cards printed with your own photographs or a favourite quote.

I have a set of cards from the JFK Library that I send out on special occasions as well as monogrammed notecards and special Air Mail stationery for friends overseas.

Keep your supplies stocked

I make sure my favourite coloured pens, stickers and stamps are always in supply and are safely secured in my special letter box. (Organised much?!)

I also have different cards and papers for various occasions- this saves any last minute stress when I need to reply to someone or send a card at the last minute.

Choose your words carefully

When replying to a letter, I always re-read it two to three times to ensure any questions or topics are properly covered. There's nothing worse than receiving a reply to a letter that doesn't answer what you've asked! I always draft out my reply before committing the final words to paper, enabling me to change things around and review what I've written.

Include all the details

It may sound simple, but it can be easy to overlook important details like the date, contact details and even a return address! Double check before you send!

Check the postage

I send many letters, cards and parcels overseas. I keep a handy postage guide in my desk drawer to ensure that my recipient doesn't have to pay any added postage cost!

How do you make your letters special? I'd love to hear your tips for great stationery and accessories!

White House Week


President Barack Obama greets young entrepreneurs in the vestibule of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building South Court Auditorium prior to remarks at the 2015 Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) and Young Entrepreneurs event, May 11, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

This week at the White House, President Obama welcomed emerging entrepreneurs from across the country and around the world to the White House to honor their achievements in their fields of business at the Global Entrepreneurship meeting.

He also announced new commitments in support of the Spark Global Entrepreneurship Initiative -- a bold goal of generating $1 billion in new investment for emerging entrepreneurs worldwide by 2017, and issued a call to action to companies, organizations, and individuals across the globe to increase their support to emerging entrepreneurs, before his trip to Kenya in July for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

President Obama and Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker announced today that nine new members have joined the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) initiative:

Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO, Airbnb
Antonio Gracias, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Valor Equity Partners
Julie Hanna, Executive Chair of the Board, Kiva
Elizabeth Holmes, Founder and CEO, Theranos
Daymond John, Founder, FUBU, and CEO, Shark Branding
Daniele Lubetzky, CEO and Founder, KIND Snacks
Ali Rosenthal, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Wealthfront
Debbie Sterling, Founder and CEO, GoldieBlox
Andrew Yang, Founder and CEO, Venture for America

For more details on the Initiative and President Obama's remarks click here.

First Lady Michelle Obama delivered the commencement address to the Class of 2015 at Tuskegee University, Alabama. Founded by Booker T. Washington in 1881, Tuskegee is the only university in America to be designated as a National Historic Site. Check out her inspiring remarks below!

President Obama sat down with Harvard professor Robert Putnam and American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks to share his views on poverty in America. Watch the conversation below.

The Pink Peonies Collection


In a world where bloggers are becoming designers, it's great to see some of my favourites releasing collections!

Enter Rach Parcell, owner of Pink Peonies. Her new Pink Peonies jewellery collection is going down a storm, and is filled with all things sparkly and elegant. What's more, the pieces are offered at affordable price points, meaning that we can all have a little 'pink' style in our wardrobes!

Check out some of my favourites from the collection below.

Women's Health Month: Take Control of Your Health


May is Women's Health Month, and the advocacy campaign raises awareness on taking control of your health. Going for a check-up, having a scan or just visiting the doctor is something that many of us put off or try to put at the back of our mind.

We all lead busy lives, and often it is hard to schedule an appointment at a time that works for you. I've been there, and I always feel much happier when I've made the effort and gone along to see the doctor.

It's important to keep on top of the little things. Need immunizations? Make an appointment to get them done. Blood test? Don't chicken out. Screening? Take the time.

The handy infographic from Oscar Insurance provides you with further details on what you should be thinking about at the different stages of your life. Similarly, follow the advice of your elders and eat healthily, exercise and take a break from what you're working on. These small changes can make a big difference in the long run! 
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