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Table manners are important and what we learn as a young one sticks with us for life. But what about children who haven't been taught how to eat with a knife and fork?

Nana’s Manners is a high quality British lifestyle brand dedicated to helping children develop life skills. Nana’s Manners creator and founder Kathryn, who was originally a primary school teacher and has two children of her own, became aware of the need for a brand that helped children develop skills such as eating with a knife and fork.

Through teaching in school Kathryn discovered that just 2 children in a class of 30 had a working knowledge of how to hold cutlery correctly and use it effectively. As a teacher she was familiar with devices such as pencil grips, training scissors and easy grip rulers which are all products that help to teach children the correct methods for each action. However, she quickly learnt there was no cutlery available on the market that worked in a similar way.

Kathryn’s initial ideas began at the school where she worked, modelling clay and building
her blade with cardboard. Working the clay into a moulded handle Kathryn was looking to create a shape that sat well and was comfortable in a child's hand but yet guide them to hold the utensils in the correct way. From here, the school teacher, became a self-taught product designer and solidified her designs in digital renders, CAD modelling and 3D prints. Step by step, Kathryn created a brand that answered the needs of both parents and children alike. Trialling her creation on her class, Kathryn then began to tailor the designs from the children's reactions into reality – Nana’s Manner’s.

Now with a complete patented product, Kathryn is launching her business through Kickstarter. Nana's Manners is hoping to fund the initial production run by offering consumers a chance to buy the first edition sets of cutlery in return for pledges reaching their target amount!

Offering a wealth of experience, expertise and support to children’s development and independent learning, Nana’s Manners has a clear vision to help children acquire life skills in an independent manner. The brand aims to build kids' confidence, aide them in acquiring necessary life skills and promote independent learning.

Find out more about Nana's Manners and support their Kickstarter here.

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