Giving thanks shouldn't just happen during the holiday season. I'm proud to support the #MAKEYOURMARC campaign, spearheaded by Marc Fisher, and supporting women who are making a difference. 

The program celebrates women who are making their 'marc' on the world, and are real life role models who make positive change in the community. Do you know someone who is dedicated to helping others and is passionate about making a change for good? Nominate her for a special #MAKEYOURMARC grant, as well as free shoes for a year! 

If you know someone who deserves recognition, then nominate them here. 

Use the hashtag #MAKEYOURMARC on Instagram and Twitter, and for every post that shares a story of an inspirational woman making her 'marc,' $1 will be donated to the Kode With Karlie Project. 

How will you #MAKEYOURMARC?
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