2016 Home Design Trends with Robin Wilson


So the New Year is almost here, and if you're anything like me, you'll be looking at how you can refresh your living space! I'm a sucker for visiting home stores, especially when the sales are on! There's nothing more I enjoy than rummaging for a bargain and a statement piece to adorn my walls or side tables.

I'm also keen to see what the trends will be for 2016, and designer and CEO Robin Wilson has provided us with the hottest insights into what we'll all be wanting in our homes come the new year! Check out her top tips below.

  • Quartz stone countertops. The Silestone and Caesarstone countertops are more popular because of multiple options, lower maintenance, antibacterial properties and durability.

  • Shades of White. Most people do not realize that there are 96 shades of white, and more people are exploring the variations to give rooms subtle hue changes.

  • Entry foyer benches. Eco-friendly design suggests that people remove their shoes and outerwear in the foyer to prevent toxins from entering the home. More people are adding a place in their mudrooms or entry foyers for this purpose.

  • Undermount sinks. It is not a luxury to have an undermount sink, but a positive impact on your health because bacteria will not be trapped in the lip of the sink.

  • Open kitchen/Great Rooms. More clients recognize that the kitchen is the “heart of the home” and they are opening up the space so that family and friends can gather around during meal preparation.

  • Home Office. More people work from home or bring work home and a dedicated office space is essential, even if it was once a walk-in closet. Having a dedicated space allows one to separate work from home, instead of working on the dining room table.

  • Pantries. With the increase in bulk package purchases from stores such as Costco or Amazon shipments, more people are creating a space to put such items to ensure that they are properly stored, and often they include a second refrigerator/freezer for extra storage.

  • Mechanical window shades. There are more people using window shades that can move up and down with remote controls – for energy efficiency, protection of furniture/artwork or security to make it appear that someone is home. Many options allow control from smartphones.

  • Home Remote controls. With products such as Nest or Smart Home, consumers can manage security, temperature, lights, window shades and other features from their smart phones – even if they are traveling.

  • Curbless showers. This is a trend that has been common in high-end construction, but it is also useful for multi-generational design. Imagine that you are in a wheelchair one day and you cannot afford to renovate.  If you have a curbless shower, you can preserve your dignity a bit longer by wheeling into the space and using a handwand.
Robin Wilson
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