Beautiful jewelry deserves to be worn. Go to the jewelry box or drawer of women across the world and you are likely to find pieces that have only had one outing or have barely been worn at all.

Enter Gleem. Founded by Nikki Lawrence, a life-long treasure hunter, Gleem is a trusted intermediary to enable the buying, selling, discovery and obsession over sparkly things. Gleem has a number of industry veterans, all with patience and expertise in finding the right piece for the right person.

From estate jewelry to Hermes, Cartier and Chanel, Gleem has items available at every price point.

Until the end of the year, Gleem is offering customers 90% back in Gleem Credit up front when you sell an item. Alternatively, a standard 70% in cash is available when a piece is sold.

Check out Gleem today and cash in on your treasures! 
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