Pulleez: Making Ponytails Pretty


I don't know about you, but if I need to tie back my hair, I usually grab the first hair elastic I can find. They're likely to be purchased from the drugstore and not particularly fancy. So, what about when you want your ponytail to be functional and pretty?

Enter Pulleez! Diana Wright originally created Pulleez out of necessity; she needed a ponytail accessory to use on models backstage that would easily hold hair without leaving behind the dreaded crease that comes from twisting an elastic band in the hair multiple times.

Pulleez became an instant hit backstage and they were soon spotted on the runway. In her “real job” as a mom of four, Diana soon found herself wearing Pulleez in her daily life and sharing them with her friends. She quickly realized that that all women, not just models, deserved a luxury ponytail accessory that was simple to use and gentle on the hair.

My ponytails have certainly become more sophisticated since I started wearing Pulleez - plus my hair no longer has that awful crease that normal hair ties leave.

Pulleez hair ties come in a variety of affordable styles and designs- give a girl the right accessories and she can conquer the world!

*I was sent a selection of Pulleez products to try- all opinions are my own.*
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