Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries


I have a new obsession: a great Australian television show called Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

Set in the 1920s, Miss Phryne Fisher (played by the amazing Essie Davis,) returns to Melbourne after spending time overseas. She's glamorous, wealthy and tonnes of fun- and she's a lady detective. After a friend's husband is found dead in the bathroom of their home, Miss Fisher gets to work trying to solve the murder, albeit it to the annoyance of the local Detective Inspector, Jack Robinson.

Apart from the great storylines, humour and backstories of each of the lovable characters, I love the show for its fashion and set design. Costume designer Marion Boyce is a marvel, and everything that Phryne wears is a picture of perfection. From cloches to tennis whites, fur stoles to beaded evening gowns, everything is spot on and super chic. And Miss Fisher's house? It's set in the historic Wardlow House in Melbourne, although scenes in the Art Deco interior are filmed on the ABC Studios set.

Very rarely do I watch a television show where I actually like all the characters, but, I love all of them! From noble companion Dorothy, to Mr Butler, drivers Cec and Bert, Aunt Prudence and adopted daughter Jane, all of the characters play central roles in Miss Fisher's daily life. A recurring theme throughout the series is the 'will they, won't they' dynamic of Miss Fisher's relationship with Inspector Jack Robinson. Fans across the globe are all hoping that they will!

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is a hit with viewers across the globe, and it has a strong following thanks to Netflix in the US. For me, it provides an hour of fun escapism, and Melbourne has now appeared on my bucket list of places to visit. Melbourne is currently playing host to the 'Festival of Phryne', a series of events dedicated to all aspects of the show. Historic Ripponlea (featured in the show,) currently has an amazing exhibit of costumes and props from the show- you even get to see Miss Fisher's pearl and gold gun! I wish I was visiting!

So, if you're looking for a fun new show to watch in the evenings or want to be mesmerised by some amazing dresses and jewels, give Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries a try!
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