Fashion and fundraising: Hillary does retail


This week, the Hillary Clinton campaign store was officially launched. Filled with a range of chic, youth orientated products; the Hillary team is selling merchandise that will help to define her second campaign for President.

Supporters can choose from a range of items including a ‘I <3 a="" hillary="" tumbler="">, a Future Voter onesie and my personal favourite- a Stitch by Stitch Throw Pillow proclaiming that ‘A Woman’s Place is in the White House.’

From a marketing perspective, the range of products will help to define Clinton’s image as one that is relevant, accessible and importantly, issue based.

Many of the products highlight key moments from Clinton’s years of public service and help to establish a record as she campaigns for the presidency. Her famous Beijing women’s rights speech is referenced in a tee shirt and her support for US workers in the origin of where the products are made.

Clinton also shows her fun side with supporters able to purchase an ‘everyday pantsuit’ tee that taps into her status as a ‘pantsuit’ fashion icon.

Clinton joined the campaign in a strong position thanks to the Ready for Hillary team. The grassroots movement collected over 4 million identified supporters, and more that 135,000 donors. The group have raised over $15 million for Clinton, and this new store will help the campaign to raise important funds as well as building upon her vast email list.

I’m excited to see what new products will be released over the coming months, and whatever the final outcome, they are bound to be collectable!
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