A trip to the BG Restaurant


Searching for a chic place to catch up with friends and enjoy some delicious cuisine? Take a trip the BG restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman.

When I was in Manhattan last month, I headed to the Seventh Floor of this American institution for fun and fine food on a Friday night. Designed by renowned interior designer Kelly Wearstler, the four  room space has glorious views over Central Park, and is the perfect place to spy on what's happening at the Plaza!

To eat, I had the amazing Oven Roasted Scottish Salmon and the deliciously naughty BG- a flourless hazelnut cake with white and dark chocolate mousse, raspberries and a caramel drizzle. Well worth flying over 3000 miles for!

There were plenty of people still enjoying afternoon tea when we arrived, and the restaurant took on a cozy feel as the crowds left. In fact, we were the last to leave (and I know that we didn't want to really!)

The service was exceptional, the staff friendly and I couldn't have asked for a more memorable and special evening with dear friends.

For further details on BG click here. Reservations are recommended. 

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