Lareymondie: Footwear for Guys and Gals


Androgynous fashion continues to be a strong choice for many women. YSL’s ‘le smoking’ suit is as popular now as it was in the 1960s, and designers continue to look to androgyny for inspiration.

One of these designers is Maylis de Lacoste Lareymondie. Her range of bespoke loafers, boots and shoes is a hit with men and women alike, and people are flocking to her showroom in New York to get fitted.

Maylis started Lareymondie to create bespoke boots for women. As her business has expanded so has her line of unique creations. Since launching her line of loafers for men, Maylis is finding that women also want a pair!

The most popular styles are oxford or the tassel loafers, with customers ordering patinas including brown caramel, brown honey, and mahogany. A big part of the process is being able to customize the shoe. Customers can choose the color of the laces, the type of leather and even have their monogrammed engraved for all of time.

Bespoke shoes take five weeks to be made, and they are created in France to the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Maylis shares why she thinks her shoes are such a hit!

Why do you think women are so excited about the masculine style of shoe? 
There has been a real change of status in society, and these shoes are a new and pioneering way to assume your sex appeal and power.  Wearing flats is a break from 'tradition' when women had to wear heels to be seen. Today this is the opposite, and women in flats and a 'tomboy look' are much more remarkable because they attract, surprise, and create interest.

Where and how could you style these shoes? 
You can style a pair of Oxford, Derby with pretty much everything!  You can achieve a very tomboy look with a suit, and white shirt, or even a tuxedo! You can pair them with a mini skirt, or a long skirt.

I recently ordered my own pair of shoes from Lareymondie and I can’t wait to share them with you all! Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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