White House Week


Before departing for their vacation, the President and First Lady spoke at the Disabled American Veterans National Convention in Orlando, FL.

The First Lady opened her remarks by sharing the joy she has experienced when meeting with veterans and families like those represented in the audience: "I have laughed with your children at barbeques. I’ve gone to baby showers with spouses. I’ve learned so much during my many visits to military bases across this country. I’ve even smashed a champagne bottle to christen a Coast Guard cutter.”

The President began by speaking to every generation of wounded warriors, recounting national conflicts, and commending them for their valor and dedication to American ideals.

This week marks the tenth anniversary of one of the worst power outages in the United States, where much of the East Coast and Mid West were effected by power outages due to severe weather. A new report from the White House Council of Economic Advisers and the Energy Department evaluates the economic cost of power outages and calls for increased cross-sector investment to make the electric grid more resilient in the face of increasingly severe weather events due to climate change.

The costs of outages take various forms including lost output and wages, spoiled inventory, delayed production, inconvenience and damage to the electric grid. Continued investment in grid modernization and resilience will mitigate these costs over time – saving the economy billions of dollars and reducing the hardship experienced by millions of Americans when extreme weather strikes. You can find out more by visiting Smart Grid.

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