Happy Weekend!


Happy weekend! This week has been a sobering one for me, and has given me a chance to reflect on many things. On Friday I headed to the Bath Decorative Antiques Fair - it was fantastic! With a great range of dealers and beautiful antiques and it was a fun day out! I picked up a pair of authentic ballot boxes from Chris Holmes Antiques - pictures to follow!

Here's what has caught my eye this week:

International Women's Day: 8 women to watch in 2016: this week we marked International Women's Day- this women are worth watching this year!

Nancy Reagan proved the power of partners in leadership: former First Lady Nancy Reagan sadly passed away this week. This piece examines her role in President Reagan's tenure as Commander in Chief.

I'm modeling my marriage on Frank and Claire Underwood's: such a compelling piece! But don't read if you are not a fan of spoilers!

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