Cold Weather Canvassing Fashion Must-Haves


The election may (thankfully) be over but the memories will never leave us. The challenge of braving the winter elements to knock doors and deliver leaflets was matched by an equally important additional challenge - what to wear in the cold, gloomy weather!

I'd like to think I stylishly met this task head on, and having canvassed in rain, hail, wind and the cold, retained my sense of style and humour. 

So, to prepare us for any future canvassing in the cold weather - here's my guide to how you can look your stylish best with some examples from my fashionable friends and favourite brands.

1. Barbour Jacket - deep pockets for leaflets, sweets and gloves, every canvasser shouldn't be without one. 

We love the Liberty collaboration that the brand started a few years ago.

2. Layers - and lots of them! Invest in some good quality thermals from Uniqlo - they were a life saver.

3. Hat - silly or otherwise, you'll need it when out canvassing in the cold wind.

4. Boots - hiking style, fleece lined were the most wanted and lusted over on the campaign trail. Russell & Bromley has some great ones like these. I also depended on my Joules boots. 

5. Gloves - smart tech? Yes please.

6. Longchamp - for those of you that like to carry things not in pockets- a Longchamp backpack is an essential. 

7. Something leopard - it wouldn't be a list without a splash of leopard. Scarf, gloves or even shoes? You choose.

8. Herno - definitely an investment piece, my Herno coat kept me toasty warm from the first canvass in October right up until polling day. 

And here's Theresa May, showing us how it is done:

One Beat Designs Mlekoshi playground