The Madison Avenue Collection by Kate Spade


For a sophisticated twist to your 2014 wardrobe make sure you check out the Madison Avenue Collection by Kate Spade.

Kate Spade has really amped up the drama, with refined silhouettes and luxury fabrics all in limited edition quantities.

My favorites from the collection are:

The Perfect Cape from Leslie Tessler


I love capes- perhaps it's the superhero element in me! I've found the perfect formula at Leslie Tessler, a fantastic company that creates classic and expertly tailored pieces that will never go out of style.

Timeless over trendy their capes are, and each style is produced in limited runs, with many being one of a kind creations.

The capes are made from superbly luxurious fabrics including Peruvian alpaca, Italian cashmere and French woven silk, with the highest caliber of craftsmanship. All pieces are handmade in Argentina.

Leslie Tessler was raised in the United States and London, and now lives in Manhattan and Buenos Aires. She is a true citizen of the world and understands that women are no longer satisfied with mass-produced pieces. 

I have been collecting and wearing vintage capes for as long as I can remember,” says the designer.  “I searched the globe for updated versions and could never find any with as much character as my vintage pieces. So I created this line of women’s capes for clients who are looking for a modern twist on a timeless classic.”

Find out more about Leslie Tessler here and be sure to check out the great Pinterest boards!

Leslie Tessler

White House Week


Earlier this week, the President traveled to Toluca, Mexico for this year's North American Leaders' Summit, along with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Harper. President Obama spoke about the importance of America's strong relationship with its fellow North American nations and how that relationship improves job creation and security.  For further information on the trip click here.

On Tuesday, the President directed the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation to set the next round of fuel efficiency standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks by March 2016. This next round of standards will build on the historic work done to date, support American manufacturing innovation, and spur the development of new technologies. For further details on this initiative click here.

Official White House photo by Amanda Lucidon
The First Lady made a special appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon- watch the video below!

The Rose Balm Lipstick Collection by AERIN


I can't wait to try out the different shades in this exciting new collection from AERIN! The lipsticks form part of the Essentials collection, an updated selection of carefully edited products that every woman should have as part of their daily beauty routine.

The Rose Balm lipsticks feature a luxe balm base of the AERIN Rose Balm to help smooth and plump dry lips while projecting true colour. With ten shades, there's a perfect match for every women.

Which one will you be picking up first?


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Leslie Tessler
I think that my love affair with Pinterest will never end! I get so many ideas from the site- from styling my wardrobe, to recipes, to blog tips and to beauty must-haves!

J Crew Outfit Inspiration


The horrid weather we've been having in the UK has sort of made my outfits kind of...samey. So thank you J Crew for some great outfit inspiration! Now all we need is for the weather to improve!

In Review: Still Waiting by Sadie and the Hotheads


Earlier this month, Sadie and the Hotheads released their eagerly anticipated third album. 'Still Waiting' marks the start of a 27 date national tour, and an exciting new chapter for the band.

The first single from the album called 'Everybody's Got A Song' is upbeat and makes you feel immediately cheery, and the distinctive fusion of blues, folk, big band, country and jazz is apparent throughout the thirteen track album.

Highlights on the album include All My Sins, I'm Doing Fine, Wild Horses and Mother Mary. Indeed, Mother Mary has a special story as it is written by the band for one of their most dedicated of fans.

The band broke with the 'normal' method of releasing music for their new album, with funding obtained through PledgeMusic, a model that allows fans and supporters alike to pledge money to help get the music released. The model has also allowed the band to maintain complete artistic control.

The band is already on its tour across the UK, and will be in Chatham tonight, and Bolton, Wirral and Warrington the rest of the week. For a full tour schedule and to see if tickets are still available click here.

The band, fronted by Elizabeth McGovern has received great acclaim, with critics describing McGovern as "holding the centre stage with a warm, mischievous smile." The Hotheads consist of veteran musicians including Simon Nelson (electric and acoustic guitar, dobro,) Steve Nelson (acoustic guitar, bouzouki, banjo,) Terl Bryant (drums, percussion,) Ron Knights (bass,) Nick Lacey (piano, keyboards, penny whistle,) and Danica Chapman (backing vocals.)

Check out the band's website here and purchase the album!

The Reinvented Ballet Flat: Tieks by Gavrieli


The ballet flat is my go-to shoe, so I was delighted to recently receive a super cute pair of Tieks by Gavrieli flats.

Each pair of the flats are made from 100% premium, soft-grain leather and are custom made in Italy. They are cushioned on the heel (rather than elasticated!) ensuring that you never get that horrible pinching that some flats can leave. The sole is made from durable brown leather, and the green non-skid rubber patches make the flats instantly recognizable as a pair of Tieks!

What makes these flats even more special is that they fold up and can fit in your purse- so you can breathe easy if you know you've got a day approaching when you have to wear heels! Each box also comes with reusable tote so you can store your Tieks in your bag until you need to switch shoes.

There's so many gorgeous colors and leathers to choose from, and certainly something to please every shoe fan! I went for the Obsidian Black and they are even more fabulous in real life!

Tieks is also a socially conscious company, and its Gavrieli Foundation is committed to the empowerment of women around the globe. The Foundation funds women in nations such as Kenya, Peru and Tanzania enabling them to purchase vital supplies for their businesses and also to live.

So if you are searching for a great pair of flats that can save your feet during the day, as well as keeping you super stylish make sure you check out Tieks! I can't wait to start wearing mine!


Flickr Photo Archive


In my spare time (!) I love to take photographs. It's always a highlight on holiday when I get to take image after image, and I love to share them with my followers and throughout the large photography community.

Here are some of my favorite shots from a recent trip. Are you on Flickr? Make sure you follow me and check out some of my other images here!

Tory Burch: Fashion Week


I love seeing behind the scenes at fashion week, and one of my favourite shows has to be from Tory Burch.

Check out the following links for some fun behind the scenes action!

Tory Burch

Links of the Week


Wishlist: The Double Bag by Prada


White House Week: State Dinner Edition


This week at the White House the President of France, Francois Hollande came on his first State Visit. It is the first state visit by a French President in 20 years!

We were treated to behind-the-scenes access with snaps on the White House Instagram feed of preparations in the kitchen.

There were also some great photos from the arrival ceremony, shot by Pete Souza.

Official White House Photo
The First Lady wore a Carolina Herrera ball gown with a china blue voluminous skirt and a black lace overlay top.

And the all important State Dinner menu...

Women In to launch on March 4th


I'm excited to announce that a new project that I am working on called Women In will launch on March 4th!

Women In will feature Q&As, feature pieces, advice posts and interactive features with successful women from all walks of life. We're also looking to feature readers, so if you have an inspiring story that you'd like to share get in touch!

Follow Women In on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. 

The Emma Ballet Flat from J Crew


With so many styles, colours and materials to choose from, the Emma ballet flat from J Crew is the perfect staple for your wardrobe.

The only difficulty will be selecting which to purchase first! 

Review: Boxer Handsome by Anna Whitwham


Random House

 I was recently sent a copy of Boxer Handsome, the debut novel by Anna Whitwham- and it was a striking read.

Set against the backdrop of contemporary East-End London, Boxer Handsome is an "unsung hymn to tribal boxing history and to an angry and austere Britain, a community up against itself, fighting for space."

The main character Bobby comes from a family of boxers, and a week before his big scheduled fight, he finds himself fighting for the heart of Theresa.

This isn't a book that I would have typically selected at a bookstore to read myself, but it was fantastic to read something so different and so captivating.

Whitwham is well placed to write a novel of this kind. She herself comes from the boxing world- her grandfather John Poppy, was a young featherweight boxer at Crown & Manor Boy's Club in Hoxton, and he is Whitwham's inspiration behind the book.

If you're after a really different and gripping read, then Boxer Handsome is the book for you!

Reel Style: Olivia Matherson, Ravenswood


I loved watching Ravenswood and the first series recently came to an end. We don't know if it will be renewed for a second series, but in the meantime, let's check out how to get the look of one of the show's main characters- Olivia Matherson!

Her look is preppy with a twist, and the character frequently wears pieces from J Crew, Anthropologie and Tommy Hilfiger.

How can you get her look?

ABC Family

AERIN for Valentine's Day



Who wouldn't want something from AERIN for Valentine's Day? Alongside the gorgeous items above, my favorites include this cream shagreen heart box and mini fragrance collection.
One Beat Designs Mlekoshi playground