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What is friendship?


A few nights ago I re-watched The Women. Based on the hit play written by Clare Boothe Luce and the 1939 movie, this version from 2008 follows Mary Haines (Meg Ryan) as she learns her husband is cheating on her, and the reactions and support from her group of friends. This movie is fun to watch and has a great cast, great clothes plus gorgeous locations across New York and Connecticut.

The group of four friends form the strongest part of the film, and their relationship got me thinking about the friendships in my own life.

I'm closest to my friends with which I have the most in common, whether it be professional interests or the same tastes in culture. You'd like to think that friendships can and will stand the test of time, but in reality, this doesn't happen. As life moves on and new challenges appear, friendships can fizzle out and simply disappear. I think we've all experienced this situation, and how you deal with it and move on will make you stronger.

I have friends that are my own age- ones that I was in high school with or met in university. I also have friends who are a little older than me and these are perhaps my strongest friendships. They're the people that I turn to for advice, a second opinion, and importantly laughter.

For me, a real friendship is with someone who you may not see for months or even years, and you just pick up where you left off. When I catch up with my friends on the other side of the Atlantic it's just like we were hanging out yesterday.

What's evident from The Women is the different types of friendships that the characters formed at the different stages of their lives and careers. The strongest friendship is that between Mary and Sylvie (Annette Bening.) It's not forced, it's fun and even when a big disagreement separates them, they get back in touch with other. Whilst there are some friendships that I don't wish to rekindle, this dynamic has brought me the benefit of hindsight and how you can only learn through experience.

Have you seen The Women? What do you think of the friendships portrayed in the film? Has a movie made you think about the friendships in your life? Let me know in the comments. 

The Peanuts Collection at Cambridge Satchel Company


The Cambridge Satchel Co.

I don't know about you, but I used to be a big fan of Peanuts and all the gang! This new collection from Cambridge Satchel Company has reignited my love of the classic comic-strip!

The much-anticipated collection includes the Mini, 11” and 13” Satchel all featuring Charlie Brown's iconic zig-zag pattern. Exclusive to this collection, The Cambridge Satchel Company have also designed zip pouches printed with fun quotes from the Peanuts gang, as well as limited edition dog collars.

Available in four sizes and in classic shades of tan, red and yellow, 10% of all dog collar sales will go to The Animal Health Trust, a charity close the heart of The Cambridge Satchel Company’s founder, Julie Deane.

Check out my favourite items from the collection!

All items are available with free worldwide delivery. Don't miss out on your chance to win one of these kooky and collectable items! 

Royal Style | Behind the scenes at the Grace Kelly exhibition, Paleis Het Loo with curator Trudie Rosa de Carvalho


Grace Kelly is the epitome of sophisticated royal style, and her influence can be seen in the fashion choices of many of our modern royals.

The Paleis Het Loo, located in Apeldoorn, Netherlands recently held 'Grace Kelly: Princess and Style Icon.' This glorious exhibition presented the unique story of the fascinating life of Princess Grace of Monaco using clothes, accessories, film clips and photographs to bring to life her unique story. I first saw this exhibition when it was at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London in 2010. It is perhaps the best exhibition I've ever seen, and I loved seeing the costumes from the film High Society. 

For this special Royal Style post, I spoke to Trudie Rosa de Carvalho, curator Costume & Textiles at Palace Het Loo. Trudie played a leading role in curating the Grace Kelly exhibition, and her insights are fascinating! 

Tell us about the recent Grace Kelly exhibition that was held at Paleis Het Loo and your role in putting it together.

The Grace Kelly exhibition was originally planned from June 5th-27th October 2014, but due to its great success, it was extended until the 5th of January 2015. The negotiations with the Grimaldi Forum Monaco were already in an advanced stage when I entered the project and the decision was made to use the former Grace Kelly exhibition in the V&A as initial concept as framework. Palace Het Loo is a former Royal Palace, and we wanted to give more attention to Grace Kelly as princess, and as the human being behind the style icon. 

As curator of costume & textiles I was responsible for the content of the exhibition. I revised the texts, wrote the exhibition plan, and worked with the designer of the exhibition, Tatyana van Walsum and her assistant Peter Schermer, to supervise the concept. I was also partly responsible for the organisation of the official opening in the presence of our king Willem-Alexander and Prince Albert II of Monaco. 

What were the highlights and challenges working on this particular exhibition?

One of the highlights was the arrival of all the dresses and accessories in big wooden caskets and the unpacking! Most of the objects I had only seen in small stamp like images and in all the books I had read about Grace Kelly. But the real thing is quite different- the fabrics and the technique of the manufacturing are beautiful, especially when you see the details. This was also due to the fact that most costumes were mostly made by American and French couturiers.

What were your favourite items in the collection?

This is always a difficult question because the answer is a matter of taste, and about taste one cannot argue. I like noble simplicity in clothes. One of my favorites was a beautiful 1964 Lanvin richly embroidered dress especially made for formal occasions. I also liked the 1965 Yves St. Laurent Mondriaan dress and the two-piece suit with very old embroided lace designed by Helen Rose for the civil wedding. In general I liked the dresses from the fifties and sixties most.

Why do you think the world remains fascinated with Grace Kelly and her life?

Grace Kelly’s life is a fairy-tale like story about the ‘Queen of Hollywood’ marrying a real prince, and whose life on the screen became intertwined with her real life. The world admires her timeless taste, and awareness of how to dress with perfection, along with her strong character and independence. We also remain interested because the press remained fascinated by her- their ongoing attention didn’t stop after Grace Kelly became a princess, wife and mother. They kept following her throughout her life and this has cemented her in our collective awareness. 

What first attracted you to the world of museum conservation?

I was a late bloomer and only started my study in the history of art when I was 30 years old and the mother of three children. My husband shares the same story. He started two years before me and due to his enthusiasm his choice became my choice. I graduated with a subject related to royal interiors in the second half of the 18th century, but after working in the Rijksmuseum on the description of 18th century costume (which I adored because of the beautiful fabrics) I came to be a curator of costume and textiles.

What exhibitions are upcoming at Paleis Het Loo?

Our next exhibition is Sisi. Fairy Tale & Reality, opening on the 10th of April until the 28th of September 2015.

If you could work on any exhibition what would it be?

Next year I will be working on some great exhibitions! I would love to work with Isabelle de Borchgrave one day.

First: Paleis Het Loo, all others Trudie Rosa de Carvalho
Follow Trudie on Twitter and check out what exhibitions are next up at the Paleis! 

White House Week


This week, the White House released a video message from President Obama welcoming the Lunar New Year:

On Thursday, the Council of Economic Advisers released the 69th-annual Economic Report of the President, which reviews the United States’ accelerating recovery and ways to further support middle-class families as the recovery continues. The economy is recovering from the Great Recession at an increasing pace, growing at an annual rate of 2.8 percent over the past two years, compared with 2.1 percent over the first three-and-a-half years of the recovery. The speed-up is especially clear in the labor market, where job gains have reached a pace not seen since the 1990s. But it is essential that a broad range of households benefit from the United States’ resurgent growth, so this year’s Report focuses on factors that are important to middle-class incomes: productivity, labor force participation, and income inequality. The President’s approach to economic policies, what he calls “middle-class economics,” aims to improve each of these long-standing elements and ensure that Americans of all income levels share in the accelerating recovery.

Read the report here. 

Royal Style | Queen Maxima


For the second post in the Royal Style series, I'm taking a look at the fashion of Queen Maxima. Queen Maxima became queen consort of the Netherlands on 30th April 2013.

Like her counterpart in Belgium, Queen Maxima favours brights and bold outfits, standout hats and serious jewellery.

Check out some of my favourite Queen Maxima looks below.

An elegant silhouette on a trip to South Korea in 2014. Queen Maxima wears a sand-coloured dress with a touch of green, made by Dutch designer Matthijs van Bergen. She also sported a matching pair of green earrings from the Dutch jewellery brand Miccy’s.

I love love LOVE this bright pink shift dress by NATAN that Queen Maxima wore in October 2014.

Queen Maxima knows how to accessorise well, choosing a Cartier tank and a Chanel flap bag.

Rocking the yellow and a multi-colored NATAN dress with fellow royals Queen Mathilde, King Philip and President Obama during the 70th Anniversary of the D Day landings. I also love the cool aviator shades!

What do you think of Queen Maxima's style? Let me know in the comments!

The Gone Girl House


I first read Gone Girl last year. The story gripped me from beginning to end, and like many fans, I was excited when I heard it would be made into a movie.

I watched the film a few night's ago, and was impressed with what I saw. Whilst you can't fail to be hooked by the story, I was really taken with the Elliott-Dunne house! Dubbed a 'McMansion' by many, the house is quintessentially American. The exterior is actually located in Missouri, whilst the interior was built on a sound stage in Los Angeles.

The designers took the complete floor plan of the house on location, and adjusted it for the story and the camera angles. The decor is muted tones of beige (perfectly echoing the dark tones of the plot,) and the characters clothes also reflect this side of the story.

Whilst some people may say 'there's no color' I actually really love this elegant style of decor, and everything looked pretty perfect- especially the walk in wardrobe!

Have you seen Gone Girl? What do you think of the Elliott-Dunne house? Let me know in the comments!


Top TV | Father Brown


My life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately that I haven't had much time to watch television. There is one television show that I am kind of hooked on, and is perfect for when I need 45 minutes of complete distraction away from the pressures of the day.

I first caught an episode of Father Brown over Christmas. It was a repeat on a Tuesday afternoon, and the funniest thing I had watched in a long while. Set in the Cotswolds, the programme is about Father Brown, (played by Mark Williams,) and his quest to get involved and solve murders that happen in and around his parish. There's lots of humor in the show, and the fellow characters Lady Felicia (played by Nancy Carroll,) Mrs McCarthy (played by Sorcha Cusack) and Sid (played by Alex Price) all help out Father Brown to varying degrees of success... and amusement!

Sometimes you need something that is light, fluffy and fun to watch- and I always love trying to solve who the 'murderer' is in shows like these! The locations are great, and I love the clothes warn by Carroll in her role as Lady Felicia. Pure 1950s chic!

The terrific trio - Lady Felicia, Father Brown and Mrs McCarthy
Series 3 has just aired in the UK, and I've had alot of fun catching up with episodes from Series 1 and 2. It's very rare for me to watch a show and love everything about it- but I feel just that for FB- it's all so great!

Lady F and Father Brown team up to solve a murder

Lady Felicia proving it is possible to play cricket wearing a hat...and heels!

Super Sid and a great vintage Rolls!

Which shows do you love to watch when you need to escape from it all? Let me know in the comments! 


White House Week


This week, this video of President Obama has gone viral! Let's be honest, who wouldn't want a selfie stick?!

The White House are also looking for Presidential Innovation Fellows. The Fellowship brings talented, diverse individuals from outside government to team up with top federal innovators to tackle some of our country’s most pressing challenges. Acting as a small team alongside federal agency “co-founders,” Fellows will work quickly and iteratively to turn promising ideas into game-changing solutions.

As always, the Fellows will focus on national priorities, leveraging the best principles and practices of the innovation economy to help create positive impact in the span of months, not years. This is an opportunity to truly transform how government works for the people it serves.

Projects will focus on topics such as:

  • Education: Fellows will work with myriad agencies to help make education more accessible to more Americans.
  • Jobs and the economy: Fellows will work on fueling the economy and stimulating job growth through innovation and improved opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.
  • Climate change: Fellows will help our country and its communities prepare for the impacts of climate change.
  • Health and patient care: Fellows will leverage innovation to save lives, provide better access to benefits and programs promoting quality of life.

For further details click here.

Royal Style | Queen Mathilde


The Belgian Monarchy
Queen Mathilde is one of my favourite royals and one of the best dressed! Queen Mathilde is Queen of the Belgians, and ascended to the throne alongside her husband, King Philippe in July 2013.

Queen Mathilde is notable for her love of bright colours and standout hats. One of the designers she wears the most is Natan, and he also dressed her for the inaugural ceremony in 2013. It's no surprise that he is also one of my favourites! :)

Check out some of my favourite Queen Mathilde looks below.

Queen Mathilde wears a green dress by Natan. I love the colour and gold slim belt! 

A great separates look! 

A regal purple Armani Prive number.

And this awesome black and white striped number, again by Natan.

What do you think of Queen Mathilde's style? Let me know in the comments! 

How to Plan the Perfect Valentine's Day Without Having to Dedicate Any of Your Precious Time


Valentine’s Day is this coming weekend- could you use with some help preparing?

Here’s a checklist of what you need to make sure to do so that you don’t look unprepared or seem insensitive:

1) Send flowers
2) Order chocolates
3) Plan a romantic dinner or getaway
4) Send special cards to your loved ones

Panicking? Fancy Hands can be your own personal Cupid’s helper. This service connects its users with thousands of virtual assistants that are available 24/7 to handle everything and help make them look good!

All virtual assistants are located in the US and the system integrates with your calendar, email and Facebook to stay ahead of your schedule. Make sure you check it out!

MORE Magazine February 2015: Beauty Highlights


MORE Magazine
MORE Magazine is one which I like to pick up and it's great to see that the publication has undergone a redesign!

The February 2015 issue has a revamped editorial lineup with more celebrity, fashion and beauty coverage- including a great article with Cate Blanchett.

I'm a huge fan of Blanchett - she's so elegant! The article features her beauty tips including:

  • her favourite lip color
  • the perks of a morning massage
  • in-flight beauty saviours!

Don't miss out on this great interview as well as a fashion feature with NCIS actress Emily Wickersham and a look inside Tonya Lewis Lee's closet!

The issue is on newsstands now. 

The Bouqs


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is the time to start dreaming and planning of the perfect Valentine's bouquet! Gentlemen: take note!

The Bouqs is the premier source for fresh, easy and affordable flower delivery. The Bouqs delivers farm fresh flowers cut-to-order, which means reduced waste (they don't waste 1 out of every 3 stems like their competitors) and freshness for weeks instead of days! Delivery is within 2-4 days after the cut, vs. 10-14 elsewhere. The company deliveries flowers are grown in sustainable fields on a Volcanic mountain in South America, 10,000 feet above sea level fed by pure volcanic snow melt and mineral rich, ph-balanced soul with an overnight option from local farms in California. Bouqs start at $40 flat with shipping included.

There are three different types of concierge options:

Regular Blooms: flower delivery at set, regular intervals. First, you pick the collection and size you are interested in, ranging in a variety of different flowers and prices. Next, you pick the quantity and and how often you want to flowers to be delivered. (I.e. - every month, every 2 days, etc). The flowers will be delivered automatically based on your specifications!

Never Forget: Receive calendar reminders to ensure you never miss an important date! You are able to select the relationship and delivery address of that person. You are even able to sync to your Facebook to get reminders for that special someone!

Just Because: Random deliveries delivered to your special someone! First you select size and pricing, how many times you would like the bouquets delivered – and The Bouqs chooses dates for you throughout the year! This is a great way to surprise your loved one.

Royal Style


I'm excited to introduce Royal Style, a new weekly feature on Political Style which will feature some of our favourite and best dressed royals!

The Duchess of Cambridge aside, there are so many royals in the UK and across the rest of the world who are seriously chic. Two of my favourites are Queen Mathilde of Belgium and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands- so expect to see alot of them in the Royal Style segments!

Royal Style will also be giving you tips and tricks to recreate some of these stylish looks for yourself, and featuring some of the designers that the royals love.

I'd love to hear your suggestions on your favourite royals- who do you think dresses really well? Leave your ideas in the comments or send me a tweet! 

The Ultimate Chanel Bag Sale


Thank you Moda Operandi for making all our Chanel dreams come true...

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Moda Operandi

Chanel Metallic Stingray Calf Leather Mini Boy Bag

White House Week


This week, President Obama took part in the Annual Prayer Breakfast. Watch his speech below.

You've probably come across the amazing Humans of New York site, and this week, 13 year old Vidal paid a visit to the Oval Office. On Humans of New York, Vidal talked about his principal Ms. Lopez, saying: "She told each one of us that we matter." After garnering more than 1 million likes and shares on social media, the photo gave rise to a national campaign that has raised more than $1 million for Mott Hall Bridges Academy, a middle school in Brownsville, Brooklyn -- the neighborhood with the highest crime rate in New York City. The funds will send students to visit Harvard, support summer programs and provide scholarships. Vidal Chastanet, Nadia Lopez and Brandon Stanton, the Humans of New York creator and photographer, sat down with President Obama to share their incredible story.

President Barack Obama meets Vidal Chastanet and Nadia Lopez and is photographed by Brandon Stanton for the "Humans of New York" blog in the Oval Office. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
One Beat Designs Mlekoshi playground