Fancy Feet: Foot Cardigan


Foot Cardigan
These days you can pretty much have anything sent to your house through a subscription. So why should socks be any different?

I'm pretty much obsessed with Foot Cardigan, the absolutely awesome sock subscription service. For just $9 a month, Foot Cardigan will send you a unique pair of socks - it's like winning the sock lottery! Subscriptions are available for adults, kids and as gifts and you can also small or bulk batches.

From sharks to pizza, bumblebees to all seeing eyes, each pair of socks are as unique as the last! I was sent a pair of turkey socks (hello holiday season!) and one of Foot Cardigan's new Mytropolis line to try. As a Brit, I aptly received a pair of the London socks - I'll be wearing these with pride!

So if you're after a feet treat every month or want to surprise a pal with a fun and functional gift, check out Foot Cardigan!

Thanks to Foot Cardigan for sending me two pairs of socks to try! 

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