The Women's List


Airing tonight on American Masters is The Women's List, a new documentary featuring fifteen women who have created and defined contemporary American culture.

The Women's List features interviews with women including Madeleine Albright, Sara Blakely, Nancy Pelosi, Shonda Rimes and Elizabeth Holmes and focuses on these individuals' exceptional achievements, struggles and identities. All trailblazers in their respective fields, these women share their experiences struggling against discrimination and overcoming challenges to make their voices heard.

Toni Morrison opens the film and rightly says: "What field hasn't been enriched by a woman? Society is clearly better for our peaceful invasion."

Each of the women provide inspiring takeaways- simple words that pack a punch.

"Women's lives come in segments- so don't try to do everything at once."

"Respect and help each other."

- Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State

"Know your power and and understand what you're good at. There's no-one like you."

- Nancy Pelosi, first female Speaker and Democratic Leader

The Women's List airs Friday September 25th 9pm-10pm on PBS. 

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