Rear Window in miniature


Rear Window is one of my absolute favorite films, and one which I probably rewatch every other month!

I always get that 'Rear Window' feeling when I'm in New York, and even in other cities (notably Toronto) when you're looking out on the world and people going about their daily business all from the security of one room.

So you can imagine my delight when I learnt that Hitchcock's Rear Window had been made into a prize winning installation by D. Thomas Fine Miniatures! Renowed anthropologist and artist Louise Krasniewicz created the replica of the main movie set in 1/12th scale for inclusion in 'Celebrating the Movies' at the 2015 Philadelphia FlowerShow. Her creation achieved First Place and Best of Show, and it is on display until November 25th 2015 at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures in Hastings-on-Hudson.

Every fine detail of the movie set is present from the lonely woman's dinner party to the precarious ladders Lisa (Grace Kelly) climbs up to find out the truth about the man in the apartment opposite. It's like stepping into a different world, albeit one which you may be very familiar with if you're a fan like me!

Louise Krasniewicz
For further details on the Rear Window miniature visit Louise's website.
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