White House Week


This week, the White House announced that the President will deliver his fifth State of the Union address on January 28th. On the day you'll be able to join in with the State of the Union social event hosted by the White House.

You'll be able to watch the President's address live and then participate in a panel with senior staff to discuss the vision and policies laid out in the speech. To join click here, and use the hashtag #SOTUSocial to spread the word!

The Obama Administration continued its commitment to tackling human trafficking this week by releasing its first ever Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Victims of Human Trafficking. The plan lays out a five year plan for increased coordination, collaboration and capacity across the federal government and in partnership with other governmental and nongovernmental entities. Find out more here.

In his first Cabinet meeting of 2014, the President expressed his pleasure on hearing that Congress is taking the necessary steps to continue funding the government, and called for lawmakers to take action on important issues such as extending emergency unemployment insurance and passing legislation to reform the immigration system.
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