Review: The Dirty Side of Fashion and Fashion First Aid by Kim Castellano


It was great to receive a copy of Kim Castellano's 'The Dirty Side of Fashion' and learn about how we should all be taking care of our clothes!

The Dirty Side of Fashion is a light and upbeat guide to taking care of your clothes, and why those embarrassing and irritating marks appear. It's an easy reference guide and can help you save money over time.

With chapters on deodorant, protein and external stains it's not for the faint hearted- but the book does come with some great samples of solutions to tackle these nasties from Castellano's Fashion First Aid range. There's also top tips on cleaning basics (sorting, detergent and water temp,) as well as which items should be machine washed, hand laundered and dry cleaned.

Pick up a copy of this great book if you're looking to revolutionise your clothes, and do check out Fashion First Aid for some great remedies to tackle those horrid little things that can ruin your wardrobe.

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