Aerin Lauder's Beauty at Home



I'm a big fan of Aerin Lauder and was delighted when I received a copy of her new book, 'Beauty at Home', for Christmas.

If you've read the many articles about Lauder, her business, family and lifestyle in publications such as Architectural Digest and Elle Decor, you'll be aware of how inspirational she is. And for a prepster like myself, the spaces she occupies are pure heaven!

In the publication we are treated to a highly personal tour of her residence in Manhattan, as well as her gorgeous Madison Avenue office and East Hampton home. Each room is more gorgeous than the last, and Aerin provides handy tips such as to setting a sophisticated table to creatively preserving memories.

This is one book that you simply must buy- you'll fall in love immediately.

Click here for a look at Aerin's spaces, and follow and be inspired on Pinterest.

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