Staying protected while connected: EyeJust


We're all addicted to our smart devices and waiting for the next update or text message can have serious consequences for our health. We're all aware of neck ache and RSI, but what effects does blue light have on our wellbeing?

A Harvard University study determined that exposure to blue light at night negatively reduces melatonin levels; since it helps regulate circadian rhythms—our body’s natural sleep/wake cycle—additional screen-time before bedtime can disrupt this cycle, contributing to sleep deprivation, too. In children, whose eyes are not yet fully developed, and who are now using digital devices from a very young age, prolonged exposure over time is of particular concern.

Eye Just is a great accessory to help banish the blue light from our screens. The stick on filter screen blocks the harmful blue rays that can damage our eyes, as well as reducing the impact on our skin. Furthermore, the EyeJust product is anti-microbial, keeping bacteria off the device's screen. It also has a two-way privacy shield, with the screen constructed from tempered scratch-proof glass.

Too many of us use our phone without thinking of the health consequences- EyeJust has got me thinking about how I can protect my eyes and face from the harsh blue light! I'm really impressed with the filter screen that I've installed on my device and I'd encourage you to check it out too!

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