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I'm excited to share with you a fantastic new scarf brand which I recently discovered. kekkai was founded in 2014 as a collaborative art project between two Greek sisters, Emily and Yvonne-Demitra, living separately in New York City and London. Their eye-catching designs are created through a process-driven artistic practice that explores the overlap between digital and analogue techniques of pattern making. Inspired by the hidden powers of geometry, healing plants and color, each piece is uniquely designed to lift the spirit. Made of the highest quality Italian fabrics and large enough to wrap the entire body, they become a second skin, perfect for winter and summer alike.

But what does kekkai mean? Literally, kekkai is 'on a small scale, meaning a projected energy barrier, force field or shield; and on a larger scale, meaning a pocket universe, spiritual or otherwise.' kekkai's pieces certainly live up to this unique description. With its mythological and mystical roots, these qualities are reflected in many of kekkai's beautiful designs. Each design was made as a unique piece of art, inspired by the hidden powers of colour and geometry to help protect the person wearing it. In this collection Emily and Yvonne-Demitra were inspired to protect those around them that suffer from depression and darkness. They created these shields to protect and lift the mood with bright colours, healing plants and artefacts.

kekkai sent me the Pomegranate Solstice scarf to brighten up my spring wardrobe! Made from cashmere, this psychedelic print is hand-finished in Italy and the perfect lightweight scarf to transition from the spring to summer months. I love the pomegranate print, and as a bonus, it reminds me to introduce more pomegranate goodness into my fruit intake! My other favourite design is the Ibiza Gardens print, a heady mix of soft florals on a bold, black background.

The scarves are made with extremely soft silk and cashmere and are large enough to completely wrap the body almost like a second skin. The sisters look for their style inspiration in nature and in every single human being around them, and their next collection is to be launched in June.

And who would they love to see wearing a kekkai design? The fantastic Tilda Swinton, who as Emily says, "would absolutely appreciate the work that we put into our designs, and hopefully see our scarves as a statement, art inspired piece."

Check out kekkai's range of beautiful scarves here.

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