Theresa May's trousers


Today's Sunday papers are full of discussion about Theresa May's leather trousers, and the subsequent comments and fallout between ex Cabinet Minister Nicky Morgan and one of May's key advisors.

In my years as a blogger covering the fashion choices of our politicians, I have never known so many column inches dedicated to one single item of clothing. Even without the drama surrounding Morgan's comments, the khaki leather trousers from Amanda Wakeley would be a conversation starter. They're fashion forward, and to wear them, the individual needs to be bold, confident and unafraid of making a statement.

The Prime Minister is each of these things. And, as a leader only six months into the job, we are still fascinated to find out what makes her tick. Fashion is clearly one of her passions, and as our leader on the world stage, we are interested in what she is wearing and how she will champion British designers.

Wakeley has been one of May's 'go-to' designers for years. Many of her dresses, suits and accessories are from this British legend, but the trousers will likely be the piece we will always remember. (FYI, they are now sold out!)

As a fashion blogger, I'm interested in May's clothes and the choices behind what she picks. At a recent roundtable event, an individual asked me why I don't blog about male clothes. Honestly, changing from a navy to grey suit doesn't have that same level of interest- and it's not going to make the front pages. There is always going to be a level of fascination with what a female politician wears, and frankly, we'll never get away from this.

May loves fashion and what she chooses to wear is her business. Whether it's a jacket from Marks & Spencer or a dress from Amanda Wakeley, we'll always be interested in the Prime Minister's sartorial selection. This interest in fashion won't detract from the key task of how May and her Government will lead the country through Brexit and determining Britain's future.

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