My thoughts on the Gilmore Girls revival


It's been a week since my first watch of the Gilmore Girls revival. Whilst I've rewatched several of my favourite scenes, I'm still pondering what I think of the series overall.

I was late to the Gilmore Girls party, but the purchase of the box set and subsequent binge watching made me a big fan. From the relationship between Lorelai and Rory, to the family tension, I saw many similarities with my own family throughout the series, and even to some extent some of the characters. It was always the cookie cutter charm of Stars Hollow that made the series a joy to watch, and I was really excited to sit down and watch the Netflix revival.

I wasn't disappointed with what we got. I loved the concept of each episode centered around a season. I think the Winter and Autumn episodes are my favourite, with the journey that we take with each character feeling fulfilled. Like many fans on social media, the way the last episode ended was slightly not what I was expecting, but in many ways, it was not a surprise. Rory has never been my favourite character in the series, but even I scratched my head in disbelief at some of the scenarios. (How can a freelance writer with no work afford to fly back and forth across the Atlantic?!)

I grew to love Lorelai and Luke even more, and loved seeing Kirk, Miss Patty and the Stars Hollow gang back in action. And Paris! That fierce scene at Chiltern is on instant replay. But perhaps my favourite character development was that of Emily.

Queen Emily
We are back with Emily after the death of her husband, Richard Gilmore. What makes her story even more poignant is that the actor, Edward Herrmann sadly passed away in real life in 2015. The pairing of Richard and Emily was one of my favourite parts of GG, and the writers continued to respect their magic in the revival. From a huge, over the top portrait, to scenes in Richard's study, Hermann's legacy and role was brilliantly respected.

Emily really comes into her own in the revival. She has to find herself after 50+ years of marriage and what it means to be 'Emily Gilmore.' She finds a maid that she actually likes, dejunks her closet (and wears ripped jeans and a tee in the process!) and moves to a beachfront house in Martha's Vineyard. The best scene? When she confronts the DAR ladies in 'Fall.'

The Gilmore Girls revival is definitely worth a watch and I know I'll be revisiting it several times. The old charm remains, and our return to Stars Hollow is like meeting up with an old friend. It's warm, comforting and full of fun. Netflix, please give us a second revival series!

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