"To make an end is to make a beginning."


We go through many endings in our lives. In fact it is easy to name many of them. The end of being a kid. The end of high school. The end of university. The end of your first job.  The end of your favourite TV show. The end of that amazing pair of shoes. The end of your first relationship. The end of a friendship. The end of a life.

Whilst some are more life altering than others, there's no doubt that the end of something will make a beginning.

I've been thinking about the above T.S. Eliot quote alot lately. Over the past few weeks a few endings have come my way. Some were not unexpected, and some have been approaching for several months. How you deal with the ending is, I suppose, telling of the person. Do you sit and mourn for what has passed, or pick yourself up, and continue for what is about to start? I am the latter.

Throughout life, we hope that in times of great decision we will choose what is right. We believe and often hope that we will make the right decision.With these decisions comes the risk that others won't view your choice as one they agree with or one they think is right.

And so, endings come about. They are messy. They are unpredictable. They can challenge you. But in the end, they bring new opportunities and a chance to begin anew.

These recent new beginnings have brought me new friendships, shared common values and a sense of purpose. These beginnings are helping me to reconnect with what I care about, what I believe in and what is right. These beginnings are leading me to push myself professionally, and work with individuals and groups who understand the challenges that lie ahead. They've brought new opportunities, laughter and a chance to be part of something bigger.

It is what we make of these new beginnings that helps us to start again. It might be scary, it might be challenging and it might test us as a person. But start again we must.

It is how we deal with these endings and beginnings that help us to explore our character and define us as individuals. And as T.S, Eliot himself said, “we shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

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