Political Running: How Julie Bishop makes athleisure cool


There's no escape from a politician's busy schedule and in between the endless meetings and travel opportunities, it can be hard to fit in regular exercise.

Julie Bishop is perhaps the most active political exerciser. As Australia's Foreign Minister, Bishop travels the world in the name of diplomacy. But despite her gruelling schedule, Bishop always finds time for a run.

Her commitment to jogging has been widely reported, and whilst travelling the world, Bishop always rises early for an hour's run. From the beaches of Cairns to the sweltering climates of Indonesia, Bishop is dedicated to the cause.

Julie Bishop is well known for her fashionable dress sense and this stylish look also makes itself known in her workout gear. A true champion of athleisure, Bishop sports coordinated items for her jogs. Black running tights with graphic logos, matching quilted vests and neon tops are key to her look, as are trusty pairs of Nike trainers.

Aside from the motivation of doing a run, for most of us (me included,) choosing what to wear for a workout can be as tough as the physical pain itself! Bishop is a great example of how selecting simple, no fuss athleisure pieces is always a good choice. Her look is effortless, and displays her love of fashion that provides a function.

Julie Bishop's running look reminds me in many ways of Claire Underwood's athleisure attire in House of Cards. Classic and no-nonsense, the two also sport eerily similar haircuts.

So if you're a running enthusiast or an eager beginner like me, look to Julie Bishop for how to do athleisure in a chic and effective way.

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