Swatch Twins: Theresa and Philip May


Two is often better than one, and Theresa May and her husband Philip have put that saying to the test by stepping out in complimentary Swatches!

Earlier this week, the Mail Online asked my thoughts on the two funky watches worn by the Prime Minister and her husband. Wearing them to a Sunday church service in their home village of Sonning, it was a perfect informal choice to keep track of time.

Here's what I said to the Mail Online:

"Swatch is a timeless watch brand that has cross generational appeal. Fun, quirky watches like those worn by Theresa May and her husband Philip are particularly fashionable and shows that both the PM and Mr May aren’t afraid to have a little fun with their style, particularly when they’re relaxing in their home village.

I think their synchronised style shows just how in tune both individuals are with other, and this isn’t the first time that they’ve matched up their clothes. 

For the Prime Minister, wearing a cool Swatch shows that she isn’t afraid to think outside the box when it comes to accessories, and indicates just how much she loves to show her appreciation for classic pieces designed with a twist."

And for those of you eager to find out which Swatch models they were wearing then you're in luck!

Theresa May is wearing the aptly named Purple Power Swatch (2014) with a chronograph feature and 3 bar water resistance.

And Philip May is wearing the fun and bright Rio All Around (2016) model, an homage in time to the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio.

Two great timepiece choices from the Mays!
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