Lola and Me launches ethical fashion crowdfunder


Lola and Me is one of my favourite accessory brands, and they've just launched a Crowdfunder which will provide a sustainable trade to those in need!

The profit with purpose company is working with makers, favouring ethical employment opportunities and fair wages over fast fashion for fewer pennies. They are committed to helping harness the talent of women in the developing world, and support beautifully authentic techniques.

Lola and Me have spent several months searching for suitable partners who have the same moral values, and through the partnerships, they will aid the development of women in developing countries by supporting safe and ethical employment opportunities and fair wages. As a result of these partnerships, girls will receive educational opportunities a move which will help to lower the risk of poverty, human trafficking and child marriage.

By supporting Lola and Me's Crowdfunder you’re helping to provide a sustainable trade to those in need. Help makers get paid, not only equally, but fairly for their hard work, supporting women in gaining independence and freedom over obligation and submission. And with at least 10% of the profits being invested in education, you’re helping Lola and Me get more girls into school.

The products are beautiful and all handmade.

For £12 you can receive a handmade hexagonal horn bangle and for £20 a handmade leather purse available in black or tan.

If you can give more, £45 will see you receive a leather clutch with wristlet and £180, a handmade leather satchel or tote.

This is one Crowdfunder I'll be supporting- and with price points starting from just £3 you can start small and give back in a big way!

For more information watch the video below or visit the Lola and Me Crowdfunder page.

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