Cooking with Gousto: testing out the newest food box!


It's safe to say my skills in the kitchen are pretty limited. I love to watch cooking shows (the Barefoot Contessa being my favourite!) but I can never seem to match the culinary delights that are created on the screen.

Gousto is quickly solving this problem! Over the weekend I tested out their food delivery boxes, and it was an easy and fun way of testing out some new recipes with some delicious produce!

Gousto delivers fresh food boxes to your door, with options available for both 2 and 4 people. With different recipes to choose from every week, there are delicious options for veggies and carnivores alike. We opted for two meat options - the Beef, Apricot and Harissa Meatballs and the Crispy Asian Pepper Chicken.

After placing my order, the box arrived quickly at the allocated time and was neatly chilled thanks to some hi-tech packaging. I was really impressed by the speed and quality of the packaging and how easy it was to separate out to the relevant cupboards and fridge.

Full disclaimer: I did have some help putting together these two meals (thanks Mum!) How else could I have taken pictures and recorded the process!? But the two recipes were simple and easy to make with the help of the step by step cards.

Saturday night's meal was the Beef, Apricot and Harissa Meatballs. Taking about 20 minutes to prepare and even shorter to cook, this was perhaps my favourite of the two meals. Full of flavour and spice, I'll be recreating this recipe again in the future.

For Sunday lunch we tried out the Crispy Asian Pepper Chicken. Whilst really tasty, the chicken thigh meat was a little fatty (something which increased the prep time.) The end result was still worth it, and I'd definitely try this recipe again.

Check out the creative process through the eyes of my Go-Pro!

This was the first meal or subscription type box that I had tried and I was really impressed with the experience. From start to finish the Gousto journey was enjoyable and hassle free and I'm looking forward to trying out some of their recipes in the future.

Thanks to Gousto for sending me a box to review. Find out more information about Gousto here!
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