Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: fashion icon?


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is pretty hilarious. The second season has just debuted on Netflix and I binge watched it all in about two days!

Aside from the funniest jokes, gags and witty dialogue, I found myself wanting to inject lots of colour into my wardrobe- and it is all thanks to Kimmy! My wardrobe is one of classic pieces and I stick to the basics. Black, white, grey and the humble striped tee shirt are all living in my closet, and if you did a quick poll amongst my friends, they probably wouldn't be able to tell you when I wore something that wasn't outside these hues.

So Kimmy, what have you done! I want to buy brightly coloured jeans, tee shirts with pattern and flashing sneakers. I want to embrace the fun fashion of the 90s, and go all out some sparkle.

Kimmy's often eccentric wardrobe choices can be attributed to her escape from the bunker, the confines of her regimented life stripped away in favour of a new and exciting life in glossy New York. Working for a high maintenance society girl has little influence on Kimmy's sartorial choices, and the character of Jacqueline also has an influence on the 'sensible' side of my fashion interests.

Kimmy's style can be found in shops like Uniqlo, Kate Spade and Coach - all realms where fashion and fun mix. We've seen flowers, birds and geometric shapes in all of these stores, and high end designers like Anya Hindmarch have also been quick to embrace the fun of patches and over the top keyrings in various past and present collections.

Fashion is meant to be fun and used as a way to express character. Whilst I wouldn't meet a client with a pair of bright purple jeans, I will be having a little more fun in my everyday, off duty wardrobe. Thanks Kimmy!

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