Grace and Frankie


So I'm pretty much obsessed with Grace and Frankie. The Netflix comedy is out of this world, and aside from the hilarious storylines, great characters and amazing Californian homes, the fashion is pretty ace too!

My style is classic with a twist, and the fashion sense of Grace Hanson (Jane Fonda) and daughter Brianna Hanson (June Diane Raphael) are my particular favourites.

Popped collars, Ralph Lauren and classic pieces perfectly sum up the wardrobe of Fonda's character. A businesswoman by trade, Grace is the epitome of WASP chic. From cashmere wraps, patterned shirts and a great pair of black boots (NEED,) Grace's style is an easy one to fall in love with.

Her daughter Brianna echoes much of her mother's style, but does it with a modern twist. The snarkiest character on the show, Brianna wears lots of power pieces, such as a rocking cape and tailored dresses. She opts for bright colours and her dress sense echoes her bold character!

Some Grace and Frankie style is sneaking into my wardrobe - roll on new episodes for more laughs and fashion inspiration!


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