Hamilton Perkins


Looking for a travel that's eco-friendly and gives back? Check out the Hamilton Perkins Collection!

Created by Hamilton Perkins, the designer had trouble finding bags that could meet the basic needs in a practical and socially responsible way.  He solved this problem by working closely with industrial designers to create a collection that was built from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed billboards.

He surveyed friends, family, and prospective customers and the result turned out to be a bag that combined some of the top features that mattered the most to some of the world's busiest travelers. They broke down some of the traditional walls of the retail industry and invited potential customers to share their comments and thoughts with us.

From top to bottom, they have created a completely original bag and in collaboration with their suppliers, the brand is committed to supporting fair wages and transparency.

Hamilton's goal is to raise $10,000 USD through Kickstarter for this awesome project- find out more here!

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