Personalising my next trip!


Travelling is one of my favourite things to do, and I'm excited for a big trip that I've got planned for April!

I've always had a fascination with maps, often gazing at our world and plotting my next journey. When I was younger I would write endless lists of countries to visit and places to see, and it was always exciting to cross off destinations when I had finally been there.

This personalised world traveller map from I Just Love It is perhaps the perfect item for me. It has highly detailed graphics of the world, and comes with 100 different coloured pins that you can easily stick in and remove. It's ideal for personalising your key, allowing you to plot where you have visited, where you'l be going next and to even interactively record your next big adventure. If you're looking to give the map as a gift, a personalised title box is included. The map also comes in a choice of different oak frames.

I'll be clearing some wall space to make room for my map. I always remember an anecdote I read about Jacqueline Kennedy's Manhattan dining room. Along one wall was a huge world map, filled with pins detailing where she and President Kennedy had travelled, as well as pins for her children Caroline and John. I imagine it would have been a great conversation starter and a wonderful way to remember the exciting trips that the President and First Lady had taken throughout their lives. When I have my dining room, I'll be doing the same!

Thanks to I Just Love It for sending me my very own personalised world traveller map!

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