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How can you take an everyday scene and turn it into a beautiful fashion item? Maya von Geldern and K'era Morgan, the creative geniuses behind Ink & Tailor know how! Starting their business after twenty years, Ink & Tailor is a culmination of their friendship and shared passions.

The duo has cleverly blended art and apparel; transforming a static image, a captured moment, into fluid works of art meant to be draped, wrapped and worn.  They give a new perspective to the mundane, elevate the ignored and celebrate all that’s beautiful whether it be oddities or the simple joys in life. A fashion favorite for those who desire a bit of the unexpected, Ink & Tailor couples the whimsical with sophistication.

Each piece is a limited edition and each collection is inspired by the people, places and things close to home, as well as far away. In a world of different perspectives, their goal is to share their interpretation of the world captured through a camera lens.

From a downtown bakery in Los Angeles to the urban paradise of Honolulu, each scarf has its own individual story and journey to tell. I particularly love the Railroad Crossing, photographed in Portland, Oregon. Texas law once stated that when two rains meet each other at a railroad crossing, each train shall come to a full stop and neither shall proceed until the other has gone. I wouldn't have known this if it wasn't for Ink & Tailor!

With a range of beautiful images to pour over, Ink & Tailor is passionate about creating high quality products whilst giving back to society. It has partnered with the Creative Visions Foundation to create a limited edition scarf to further support their efforts in nurturing creative activism and social awareness whilst igniting change through the media and arts.

I'm looking forward to wearing my scarf this spring and reigniting my love of photography thanks to Ink & Tailor!

Ink & Tailor

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