Happy Weekend!


Hooray for the weekend! Hope you've had a fun week and have said goodbye to the January blues. My week started off with a fun brunch with a friend, and was majorly productive in many ways! My weekend will be spent working on several big projects and watching the first games of the Six Nations!

Whatever your plans are this weekend, here are some interesting links for you check out!

Styling your Valentine's Day table: I'm really excited to be contributing to the Lorfords blog. I hope you'll check out my first post with tips on how to style your table for Valentine's Day!

Is imposter syndrome a sign of greatness?: a fascinating article focusing on the imposter syndrome. Many of us suffer from this, but is it a sign of greatness?

How well do you know The Parent Trap? this movie! I used to watch it on repeat when I was younger. Definitely a quiz for the real fans amongst us!
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