Taking on 2016 with The Conquer Kit


2016 is going to be a big year of change for me. One of the areas I'll be focusing on will be the development of my business, moving to being a full time entrepreneur.

The release of The Conquer Kit: A Creative Business Planner for Women Entrepreneurs has arrived at a really convenient moment for me! Penned by media producer and entrepreneur mentor Natalie MacNeil, The Conquer Kit is a clever merging of the artistic creativity of Wreck This Journal and the business planning of #Girlboss.

Separated into timed sections, The Conquer Kit focuses your mind on what you want and why you want it. Helping readers to clear through the clutter, you'll be able to easily identify who you want to serve through your business and how you'll be getting there.

With handy tasks such as creating your 'business beacon,' and your intention word, The Conquer Kit really is an amazing tool for transforming your business, entrepreneurial idea and even helping you start out on your journey into the world of self-employment.

By following MacNeil's advice, 2016 will be your best business year yet!

Thanks to Penguin for an advice review copy of The Conquer Kit.
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