Power Dressing: Inspiration from The Good Wife with Daniel Lawson


The Good Wife is one of my favourite television shows, and besides the action on-screen, I'm always looking at the costumes worn by lead characters Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski.)

The show's costume designer is Daniel Lawson, and I think you'll agree he's a marvel! With women constantly looking at how they can boost their workwear look and take inspiration from powerful women on screen, I spoke to Lawson for some exclusive tips and tricks!

Which factors have influenced the evolution of workwear?

Women used to dress in masculine suits, presumably to try to emulate men.  I think women's business wear today is far more feminine and individualized.  As more and more women attain top spots in the world of law, business, government and medicine, they no longer need to try to fit in.  They do fit in- they are the norm, which means rather than trying to assimilate to become one of the guys, they can pursue their individual styles and tastes.  This what the brand number 35 and 35DL are all about.  We want our women to feel empowered by their clothing and be able to reach into their closets and grab a suit knowing that she is going to be wearing a look that fits perfectly, feels great and exudes power and confidence.

What should women be wearing to feel empowered? 

Women should wear clothing that makes them feel good and confident.  They should be wearing clothing that fits. A suit is always nice, but I love a great dress for a sense of power too. I am always a fan of a proper pump.


Should there be specific dress codes for different professional industries? 

I think if an overall atmosphere is trying to be achieved within an industry, there is nothing wrong with a dress code. Allowing for individual expression within that dress code is key for helping to promote a healthy work ethic and productivity.

Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife is a successful women in a position of power. How does her wardrobe reflect her success? 

Alicia Florrick's wardrobe very much reflects her success as a lawyer and as the First Lady of Illinois.  Her look is equal parts classic and modern with an eye on clean lines, traditional silhouettes, perfect fit and luxe fabrics.


What tips/tricks can you offer those who are looking to power dress? 

Fit is key.  Always put some of your wardrobe budget aside for alterations.  Dress for the events of the day- know what your day is going to entail and dress appropriately for it.  Select one item in your look and let that piece be 'the star.' Clean, simple jewelry is good; certainly wear a statement piece if you'd like, but let the other jewelry elements support it.  And as we believe at 35DL, wear clothing that makes you feel good and strong - this is one of the most effective ways to appear powerful.

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