Byw Celwydd: Spotlight on Welsh Politics


There's a new political drama in town, and it's hitting close to home. Byw Celwydd, (translated to Living a Lie) follows the trials and tribulations of a rainbow coalition government in charge of Wales.

The complex relationships and web of connections between the various politicians, make Byw Celwydd instantly addictive. This photo neatly explains who is who and how everyone is linked!

With the First Minister at odds with his journalist daughter-in-law, a husband and wife at odds over her leadership bid and a super special advisor back from America, there's no shortage of drama in the Cardiff Bay bubble.

With BBC Wales based in Cardiff Bay, I've got used to the regular presence of a film camera in and around my place of work. This time, it's particularly fun to see the Senedd on film, with scenes recorded in the public and private areas of the building.

So is Byw Celwydd art imitating life? Parts of the programme are believable, although I don't think we'd see a special advisor 'hanging out' at their employer's house quite as often, if at all, as we did in episode one! It's also been a bit confusing for us politicos to watch two brilliant actors who look like real life life politicians- hello Eiry Thomas, doppelganger for current AM Lesley Griffiths, and Mathew Gravelle, a lookalike for Stephen Kinnock MP.

With several more episodes set to air I'm looking forward to seeing how the the series develops! Plus, if you're lucky, you may even see me walking in the background...


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