Party in the Parc


I'm a big fan of a local cafe, deli and shop called Parc Pantry. They're based in my hometown of Newport and in the year since they opened, they are the must visit destination for miles!

To celebrate the opening of their newest venture, Parc Pantry Tea Rooms, they hosted a massive party in the local park! Belle Vue Park was packed with people and it was awesome to see and be a part of such a positive community event. I had great fun running their social media for the day and one of the highs was meeting in real life lots of people that I'd spoken to on Twitter.

Thanks to Lauren for this photo! // Dork Features
I'm looking forward to seeing the Tea Rooms thrive and thrive- and if you're in Wales, come down my way and say hi! I'll treat you to a cuppa and a slice of cake! :)

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