Women in Business: Q&As for The Huffington Post in 2014


As many of you will know, I'm a regular contributor to The Huffington Post blog section. I'm currently writing about women in business and have had some amazing opportunities to speak to a whole host of great women who are making their mark in the business world. 

From start-up to CEO, I've had a fascinating year learning more about these women and how they run their businesses. 

Some of my favourite Q&As this year have included speaking to branding guru Michela Aramini, Founder of The Lovely It Girl, Christina Mercando, Founder of Ringly, Kim Getty from Deutsch and Christine Perkett, one of the Top 100 Must Follow Marketing Minds for 2014 and CEO of SeeDepth.

On the fashion front, I have loved speaking to Nur-E Farhana Rahman, co-founder of Knotty Gal and Emelyn Northway and Dorie Golkin, Founders of the amazing workwear brand Of Mercer. It was a great privilege to speak to the legendary Cornelia Guest, and one Q&A which I will never forget.    

As an individual working in communications, it was equally as fascinating to chat to Peggy Maher, CMO at Barclaycard US and Jennefer Witter, CEO and Founder of The Boreland Group. 

Truth be told, all the women I've spoken to are inspirational, each with their own story to tell and their unique advice to share. Whether you're a woman in business, or starting your career in a different industry, these Q&As contain something that we can all take away and implement into our own lives. I defy you to not be inspired! 

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