Fashion Spotlight: Mo Bacchus Designs


I came across Mo Bacchus Designs on Twitter and immediately fell in love with her cuff bracelets. Mo shares with us why she loves making accessories and what inspires her in the creative process. Hope you find her as interesting as I do!

"I decided to do a fashion and design course in how to design develop and learn the different aspects of the business. I stumbled on accessories when it was required as part of my course.  I started making up little cloth bags for presents and then one day a friend said you need to start selling these.

I started at Portobello fashion market which was probably the most amazing place to be in the 90s until 2005.  I started with a small bag of scrap leather which I paid £4 for and some scrap fabric. I made bags up which people paid for!  After about two years I came up with a slouch bag that gained a lot of kudos. In fact I had a lot of girls from America come to my stand specifically to buy this bag. Press and whole orders from around the world followed. The kudos though, masked my inexperience."

What inspired you to start designing?
It seemed like a natural progression as I've been making clothes since I was a little girl.  I was taught to sew knit and crotchet as child.

What is the process behind your creations?
I wish I was disciplined enough to have a process. I kind of potter around for a bit and decide in an instinct what leather I'm using and for which style of bag. I prefer to play around with leather before I sketch, but I'm not wedded to a formula.

What designs are you currently working on? 
I have a top handle bag that I'm working on. On this piece I do have to exert some discipline!

Who would you love to see wearing some of your pieces? 
I like looking at people who have a strong sense of self and style. That's the kind of person I love seeing carrying one my bags.

What advice can you offer to someone who is thinking starting their own business? 
Be very disciplined with book keeping, set sales targets, roll your sleeves up and believe in the impossible.  

What are your plans for your business over the next year? 
Next year is about expanding the customer base and starting my own little factory.

Check out Mo's Etsy store here.

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