Sweet Dreams with Savvy Sleepers


There's nothing better than collapsing onto my comfy bed after a long day of work! I recently bought a new bed and it's the cosiest thing in the world. Linens are also important for a great night's sleep and I was excited to try a luxury pillowcase from Savvy Sleepers that promises to be healthier for both your skin and hair.

Dale Janée, founder of Savvy Sleepers has created a 100% pure polyester satin pillowcases that are smoother for hair and skin, and have a  secret patent-pending pocket that can be used for hair ties, love notes, or even your lip balm. The luxurious satin has a soothing matte finish and is available in unisex shades appealing to men and women.

After using the pillowcase for one night I immediately felt rested and my hair was as smooth as when I went to bed! My sleep as definitely improved since using the pillowcase and it is so relaxing to drift off lying on satin!

If you're looking to improve your bedtime habits I'd definitely recommend checking out Savvy Sleepers and seeing how their gorgeous pillowcases can change your sleep pattern for the better.

* I was sent a Savvy Sleeper pillowcase to review for this post.*

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