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Ahead of MICHE's handbags being featured on Forbes Living, I spoke to Executive Vice President Jeff Cohen on why he thinks MICHE is such a trend-setting business!

Tell us more about MICHE and the business.

MICHE creates a trend-setting, high-quality and affordable fashion handbag in four different sizes, with a unique twist—magnetic interchangeable exteriors.  So just one bag can be easily transformed into an entirely-new look in just seconds, any time a woman wants, without needing to move contents from one purse to another. We call it Fashion at the Speed of Life.  MICHE is sold through Independent MICHE Representatives all across the country and in Puerto Rico in a home party setting or on line. We’re proud to be a direct selling company giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to make money by sharing something wonderful they can really believe in.

What makes MICHE products stand out in the fashion world?

There are two things that come to mind right away. First, it’s the interchangeability offered through our signature line. When women see one of our bags change its look in just a few seconds, they love it because it’s so unique. It’s not like anything else they’ve seen in stores or anywhere else. Second, MICHE is affordable; that way, women can enjoy the latest trends without the guilt of plunking down hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a fancy-name bag that will be out of style within months.

Why should a woman consider a MICHE bag?

Fashion. Quality. Affordability. And again, the uniqueness of our “build-a-bag” system.  A woman’s sense of fashion is intensely personal…she doesn’t want to look like everyone else. We offer dozens of ever-changing styles, handles and hardware options so that a woman can style a look just the way she wants it.  We are expanding beyond our signature handbags too, with non-interchangeable Hip Bags, wallets, jewelry and even coordinating scarves and cell phone covers. There really is something for everyone.

What are you hoping to achieve by appearing on Forbes Living?

It’s a great “infotainment” platform for introducing MICHE and our concept of Fashion and Opportunity at the Speed of Life to a broader audience. Forbes Riley is spotlighting great products and services to an audience of fashion-minded viewers who are always on the look-out for the latest and greatest in the style world as well as people who are interested in starting their own fashion businesses.

What are MICHE’s goals over the next year?

We plan to keep on track to be a fashion brand and one of the most innovative brands in the fashion world. We have lots in the works, including expanding our product line to include accessories specifically-geared toward Gen Z and creating “Mommy & Me” Party Boxes. Our sales force is growing by leaps and bounds as more people choose to take advantage of the business opportunity by becoming MICHEnistas. One of our goals is to continue growing MICHE fashion in the Hispanic community, both in the United States and Puerto Rico, and with a full suite of Spanish-language marketing materials and exciting launch events in Puerto Rico coming up in September, we’re well on our way to achieving that. Bottom line: we want every on-the-go woman who loves fashion to discover MICHE’s many possibilities.
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