Friday Thought


Have you ever felt pressured to aim for being perfect, completing tasks perfectly with no errors? If the answer is 'yes' you're certainly not alone. We all experience this in our lives, whether it be at work, in school/college, in our relationships and also in how we wish others to perceive us.

I often experience pressure to 'be perfect,' and the feeling can be an intense and crippling one. How can we be expected to get everything right all of the time?

The above quote from Sheryl Sandberg addresses this pressure head on, and gives two words which I think, are much more positive and empowering. Sustainable suggests that your actions or work will have a long term impact or perhaps life-span, and I feel, enables you to plan for what you hope to achieve, and taking away any immediate pressure. I think it's important to consider the word fulfilling, and apply it to your own life. Is the work you are doing fulfilling? If you are a blogger, do you find your blog is fulfilling your creative need, and likewise, is it fulfilling your reader's desires?

Sandberg is also known for the quote 'Done is better than perfect.' This is another phrase that I have taped onto my pin board, and whilst I do complete every task to the best of my ability, knowing that it is completed is a great feeling that no-one can ever take away from me!

As I start new projects and continue to work hard on my aims and objectives, I'll be asking myself if it's sustainable, and importantly, is it fulfilling. Will you be doing the same?

Are there any quotes that really inspire you to look at your life and your work? Let me know in the comments! 
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