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Smartphones make it possible to do almost anything on the go. But when it comes to mobile shopping, constantly switching between e-mail, mobile apps and your web browser is slow and annoying. It’s tough to organize and keep track of the products you discover, and even harder to know when prices drop.

SnapUp made its debut in the past few days as an essential tool for every shopper to make it easy and fun to shop on your iPhone. By simply taking a screenshot of the item you’re already shopping for, SnapUp lets you organize and track the products you love. With a “snap,” the app tracks products on any retailer’s mobile app or website and compiles them all in one place.

How do you start snapping up your favorite things at the best price? It’s easy:

1.     Snap—Whether you’re browsing products in an app or in a mobile browser on your iPhone, simply take a screenshot of any item you want to keep tabs on.

2.     Organize—Simple swipe motions let you organize your snaps into customized dynamic lists so you can easily categorize and manage everything you’re shopping for.

3.     Buy—SnapUp alerts you when the price drops on an item you’ve snapped, so you can be sure you’re up to speed on the latest deal. Just click the “Buy” button in the app to purchase your item when the price is right!

“At SnapUp, we’re shoppers too, and we saw a need to reinvent mobile shopping,” says Shan Mehta, Co-founder of SnapUp. “But we’re not fashionistas trying to tell you what to purchase—we’re data geeks. As retailers constantly change prices and availability, and we’re committed to helping shoppers organize the products they love and get the best information possible.”

Find out more and download the app here. 

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